All Natural Macadamia and Other Nuts for You. .... 15% off 1Kg packs of NZ Macadamia Nuts for Seniors .

Australian Macadamia Nuts

To reduce prices to our valued customers, we have partnered with an Australian supplier and secured a batch of Macadamia nuts.  We import these nuts in bulk and pack them in Auckland in 1 Kg and 2 Kg Foil Packs.

Our aim is to supply you with a range of healthy natural nuts at the best possible prices.

If we run Out of Stock of a NZ grown product, we will try and supply a similar Australia grown product.

  Senior Citizens: use Discount Code SG10AUS to get a 10% discount off Australian nuts .

Depending on your requirements, we can increase the range of natural nut products. 

If you like the prices and varieties of nuts in this collection, please order now. The speed at which you order and the items you order will tell us what items to stock in the future.

Limited Trial Quantities : Please Order Now to secure your items