All Natural Macadamia Nuts for You. .... 15% Off 1Kg packs for Seniors ...and get a Free Gift ... a reusable Face Mask while stocks last ( add one to your order)

Macadamia Nuts for Seniors : Super Gold 15% Off Deal

Our NZ Grown macadamia nuts are 100% natural. Macadamia nuts have no cholesterol and Francis Farms' natural macadamia nuts have no added colours, flavours, salts , sugars or preservatives. Macadamia nuts may be included in a healthy nutrition plan.

NZ Senior Citizens with SuperGold cards can get a 15% discount by entering the discount code available from the NZ Government's Super Gold website (search for discounts for macadamia nuts). Else, please use Discount Code SG8TNYE and if you are a first time client, please email us the last three digits from your Super Gold Client No. from your Gold Card